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Activities include:

  • Making a pin-hole camera
  • Creating a darkroom
  • Making photograms
  • Making Cyanotypes
  • Creating and photographing word art
  • Going on photo hunts
  • Exploring light and optic science
  • Creating a video using Go Pro camcorder 
  • and more…


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Barnesville Arts & Science Photography Class 

"Give a child a camera and you can see their world."


Science in Photography       
Offers students a fantastic STEM curriculum based journey 
through digital photography,  black and white photography and Go Pro camcorder.   ​Students translate concepts in Geometry, Symmetry, Light, Optics and Fraction into an art form.  Expressing their creativity and exploring math and science concepts through the art of photography. STEM learning in this program is in math, science and technology. Exploration of the science light properties, and chemistry concepts allow students to realize real life relevance in STEM learning. Students will learn to create an awesome video with the GoPro camcorder and work in a timeline to create a finished product. This program will unleash students' imagination and creative visual learning. Adventuring on where math and science merge with art.