PhotoMath's goal is to stimulate the whole child’s learning experience by expressing themselves creatively in math and science based activities.

Students engage in picture taking and hands-on visual learning activities using elements of creative technology. PhotoMath uses digital and traditional photography in the Photo Fun Program, Claymation Program, Cooking Math Program, and our Spy Fun Program to engage students in math and science concepts.

Through PhotoMath, students visually explore patterns, shapes, fractions, ratios, perspectives, data collection, measurements, graphing, geometry, the water cycle, gravity, the solar system, plus light and optics.

PhotoFun creates an understanding that math and science are everywhere. Claymation (stop motion animation) requires students to organize thoughts, create a storyboard and produce their idea. Cooking Math teaches students the importance of healthy eating as well as measurements and many other aspects of the culinary arts. Spy Fun engages the students' creativity and requires them to think outside the box and view problems from multiple angles in order to find their solution.

Welcome to PhotoMath’s philosophy - "If a student can visualize any concept, the likelihood of its comprehension is greater." 




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PhotoMath’s Arts Integration Program   works with counselors, learning specialists and teachers to create a five week learning adventure for students. You can choose from the following programs:PHOTO FUN / CLAYMATION & COOKING MATH. If you are interested in our Arts Integration Program, Contact Us Now.