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3.Fun with Clay Grades 1-3

This is a beginning sculpting class for young creative minds to express their creativity with clay and a variety of materials. Students learn the feel of different types of clay and how to create within that medium. Students will have fun sculpting figures, making a design bowl, and creating mobiles to name just a few projects. Students learn to incorporate a nature theme in their creations as we teach about the connection between art and nature. Students work with different types of clay, sculpting tools, and materials. Figures created in this class will be used to introduce a stop motion animation project created by participants as a culminating project.

6. Environment Stewardship –   Grades 3-5-This is a fun outdoor exploration class.  It is crucial for all students to have an understanding of and connection with their own environment.  In this science based class, students are introduced to what it takes to become stewards or caretakers of their environment.  We teach an understanding that plants, animals, and all living beings have life needs and functional parts that can be classified according to certain characteristics. Students engage in hands-on activities that encourage the understanding that each ecosystem is balanced and how some of the characteristics of human activity may cause an unbalanced ecosystem.  Experiences include activities where questions, problems, and issues are investigated.  Students learn about management, conservation, and recycling through creative hands-on activities and exploration. Students learn that humans have senses such as sight, smell, hearing, , and taste that  allow them to seek, find, take in, and react or respond to information in order to learn about their environment. Students will also learn that plants have life needs and functional parts and can be classified according to certain characteristics.

10. Cooking with Math – Grades 1-3; 3-5-6-8

Cooking with Math engages students in math and science concepts using
basic elements of cooking. This STEM project-based activity encourages
kids to apply math and science concepts in everyday life. Students apply
math concepts by increasing a recipe ‘s volume, ratios, multiplication,
measurement and more as they prepare snacks in each class. Students build
a solar oven to learn about energy and sustainable use of energy. We 
explore fractions after making a pizza!   To find out how many calories are
in Doritos, we make a Calorimeter.  This class is perfect for students who
love to express their creativity and explore how mathematics and scientific
concepts influence the Art of Cooking. Students learn organizational and
life skills by applying math and science concepts outside of the

                      Grade Appropriate Curriculum


7. Science in Photography –Grades 3-5

 PhotoFun offers students a fantastic STEM based journey through digital, black and white photography and a Go Pro camcorder, allowing them to express their creativity and learn math and science concepts through photography.   Students translate concepts in Geometry, Symmetry, Light, Optics and Fractions into an art form. Exploration of Light and Chemistry concepts allow students to see the relevance of these concepts to real life. Students also learn to create awesome videos with the
GoPro camcorder and work in a timeline to create a finished product. This program will unleash students’ imagination and creatively while integrating mathematical
elements in art


4.Engineering is Fun - Grades 1-3; 3-5; 6-8  
Engineering Fun is an excellent hands-on activity based STEM curriculum. Students learn basic concepts about Energy, Light, Motion and more. This class
does not use games to engage kids in engineering/ science concepts. Students learn
thinking and reasoning skills needed for success. Engineering Fun encourages children to apply what they know about science and math through hands-on activities that are based on real-world technologies and problems, helping them see how disciplines like math and science are relevant to their lives.

2.Spy Fun –  Grades 1-3

Have fun in this hands-on program where students are challenged to think
outside the box as they investigate symmetry in nature, decipher codes,
make a periscope, conquer an obstacle course, and solve mysteries through
examining a variety of clues.  Students learn about the Navajo code breakers
and the use of codes as a spy. Students will sharpen their observation skills
through playing "Spot the Difference" and "Seek and Find."  Students
participate in hands-on activities while creating their own stories and clues
for other students to figure out.  This program is perfect stimulation for the
inquisitive student.  

1. Claymation – Grades 1-3; 3-5; 6-8
Claymation animation class is amazing! It is a project-based STEM activity that integrates math and science in an art form. This class engages students through a multifaceted curriculum that involves the concept of "motion." Some emphasis will be on sculpture and figure making using clay and a variety of mediums. Students will also learn to download images, work in Windows movie maker or
Adobe Premiere, and learn how to add sound to their projects. Students will organize their ideas by creating storyboard ideas following the organized process of building the figures, creating set designs, and then learning photography and computer technology.  This is a perfect class for hands-on learners and new technology enthusiasts!  Projects include: students free style creative ideas, and
more science oriented projects dealing with the life cycle of a cell, the water cycle, gravity, land formations, the solar system and more.


8.    Photo Shop/Animation –Grades 3-5 and 6-8  

This exciting class takes kids on a creative, technological journey! This project
based STEM experience encourages students to tap into their creativity using
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Illustrator. Students learn valuable
techniques and tools within each program to both express themselves artistically
and enhance academic work. Students are exposed to the real life application of
computer graphics, exploring cutting edge technology while creating animations
in Adobe Flash, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Students will learn
about using a Timeline, Creating Layers and Importing Images to produce a
final project. During each class students’ complete assignments that will test their
problem solving skills.

5.Tinkering to Learn –Grades 1-3; 3-5
In this STEM-related class, students experience a unique opportunity to explore their natural curiosity through tinkering.   This class is perfect for the young curious mind and for those who want to have fun learning.  Students make "stuff", explore new ideas and take things apart in this class.  Through tinkering, students learn how "stuff" works and to explore their own ideas on creating projects in a structured environment.  For many children, this class fuels their natural curiosity about life through play, developing fine motor skills, problem solving abilities, and peer relationships. This promotes curiosity in the working world and equips students with feelings of confidence and discovery.