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Environmental Stewardship

Environment Stewardship –   Grades 3-5  - 8/10 week class

This is a fun outdoor exploration class.  It is crucial for all students to have an understanding of and connection with their own environment.  In this science based class, students are introduced to what it takes to become stewards or caretakers of their environment.  We teach an understanding that plants, animals, and all living beings have life needs and functional parts that can be classified according to certain characteristics. Students engage in hands-on activities that encourage the understanding that each ecosystem is balanced and how some of the characteristics of human activity may cause an unbalanced ecosystem.  Experiences include activities where questions, problems, and issues are investigated.  Students learn about management, conservation, and recycling through creative hands-on activities and exploration. Students learn that humans have senses such as sight, smell, hearing, , and taste that  allow them to seek, find, take in, and react or respond to information in order to learn about their environment. Students will also learn that plants have life needs and functional parts and can be classified according to certain characteristics.