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Drone Wizards use drones as a learning aid.  Using them in a fun and meaningful way, where students can understand their links to real-world challenges.  

Drone help stimulates S.T.E.M. learning because they are a toy. Students engage in science, technology, engineering solutions, the concept of motion and more....

PhotoMath instructors scaffold the learning process of how to fly. We start with a small handheld drone and slowly graduate to remote control drones, obstacle courses then onto flying larger drones with cameras to take pictures.

PhotoMath's Drone Wizards gives kids an opportunity to use technology in a fun learning environment after school or in our summer camps.

                                                Activities include: 


                               learning the science of drone

                               drone technology

                               drone coding

                               creating obstacle courses

                               building a drone

Drones are the future. Plenty of jobs will use drone technology. You may see commercials on tv now using drones. Learning and working with drones can stimulate a student's interest in the film industry, humanitarian aid and or the entertainment business.

Redwood Heights Spring Drone

Drone Wizards

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