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PhotoMath S.T.E.M. has worked with Arts Everyday for the past four years to bring a creative Arts Integration programs into Baltimore City Schools.  This program has served students from second grade to high school. We have worked in John Rurah Elementary, Baltimore Talent HS, and Maree G. Farring to name a few.  

This year we have introduced two new literacy programs. One named Cultural storytelling through stop motion animation and a second program called The African American experience through African American photographer’s eyes,  

Other PhotoMath programs we used to engage students in S.T.E.M. concepts are: Stop Motion Animation, PhotoMath, 

our Photo program using Math concepts, 

Cooking with Math and Photo Shop/Animation.

PhotoMath S.T.E.M. Arts Integration Programs

Arts Integration/ 21st CCLC Clients Card Payments.